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Native American Flutes
Native American Flute
Play From The Heart

Native Flutes

Native American flutes soothe the soul with their delicate haunting sounds. Also known as the Native Love Flute, these instruments were created with nature in mind, and played from the heart to express passion.

Heart Song flutes are handcrafted on the shores of Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, by Rommy Verlaan.

Our flutes are made from a variety of wood: traditional red cedar, maple, juniper, spruce, walnut, cherry, plum, yellow cedar, fir, as well as exotic wood from South America and Africa. All flutes are tuned to a specific key. Grandfather tunings are also available. Custom orders are welcome.

We hope Heart Song flutes will be played by many, for years to come. Listen...

Lakota Flutes
Rommy Verlaan, Lakota Flute Maker

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