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Native American Flutes

Native American Flute
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the Artist

Rommy Verlaan, Lakota Flute Maker

Native American flute maker, Rommy Verlaan, has lived in a variety of coastal communities in British Columbia for over twenty years.

Appreciating nature and natural things, while being inspired by ocean, mountains, and wildlife, Rommy has expressed herself with a number of creative outlets; these include painting, basketry, and photography. Having been trained by master wood worker, carver, and world-reknowned luthier, Zak Stolk, and having the guidance of musician, songwriter, and Lakota Flute player Ed Peekeekoot, Rommy now creates Heart Song Native Love Flutes.

Its unique haunting delicate sound, along with its simple yet beautiful craftsmanship, will attract individuals to pick one up and play their own song from the heart for years to come.

Creating Lakota flutes and introducing it to western Canada is Rommy's goal.

Lakota Flutes
Rommy Verlaan, Lakota Flute Maker

Crafting the sound
of the Lakota

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