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"Thank you so much for the wonderful Lakota Flute you made for me. I am filled with joy each time I play it knowing that I was involved in its design. I love the smell of the cedar and the calm of the bear carving that you made for the bird. The flute brings a sense of calm to myself and anyone in listening distance. I would highly recommend your craftsmanship to anyone interested in a Lakota Flute. All the best!!"
 ~ Grant Waldman,
Cowichan Valley, BC.

Hi Rommy,
I 'm just writing to keep you up to date on the ripples into this world that your (my) flute is making, and to express my gratitude for your part of creating 'life with flute' for me! My life is full of transformation and healing right now, and I find that playing this wonderful instrument is a way for me to acknowledge this to myself, to speak the truth of it out loud and become aware of how these ripples affect everything in the universe. I never know what will be played, then it is playing itself....
AND, just as great is that it has found its way into a session I gave recently. I created an energy ball, then played something into it (channelled), then placed it into my client's heart. !
~Java S.
Vancouver Island, BC

Hi Rommy,
I first took a day long workshop to find out how to play the NAF from Ed Peekakoot at your house, a couple years ago in October I think it was.
That day started a wonderful flute journey for me, and I celebrate your inspiration, and also your beautiful craftsmanship in the flutes you make.
~ Di Holmes
Nanaimo, BC

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